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Rock and Ice Climbing


*Excel First Ascent/ACB List (75)




  • Free Soul (5.9 X) Kevin MacKenzie, Adam Crofoot, Alan Wechsler, 2018 Sept 15


  • Wine Bottle Slide (5.7) As Climbed By: Kevin MacKenzie, Matt Dobbs, NP 2015 June 7



  • Grace's Nose (5.6-5.8ish)  This is not a destination area, but it was a fun exploration with Dan Kent. 2019 Oct 26


  • East Face - Ice Climbing

  • Gothics South Face: TaKillya Sunrise (5.7) FA: Kevin MacKenzie, Jaryn DeShane 2017 July 22 


DEVIL'S WASHDISH (Pharaoh Lake Wilderness)

  • Dishin' it Out (5.10b) FA: Adam Crofoot, Kevin MacKenzie, Allison Rooney, 2016 October 9

    • Stout climb up an overhanging dihedral/crack-Adam's route though I was lucky enough to be present for the FA.




Overview of Panther Den, Feline, Agharta and Huge Scoop


Mt. Marcy ~ Panther Den


Mt. Marcy ~ Feline Wall

  • Chimaera (WI3-) FA Matt Dobbs, Kevin MacKenzie, Jace Mullen 2017 Feb 18

  • Galaxy of Tears (5.9) FA Dustin Ulrich, Kevin MacKenzie, 2016 June 17

  • Kitten's Got Claws (5.7+) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Justin Thalheimer, 2015 Aug 1


Mt. Marcy ~ Agharta Wall


Mt. Marcy ~ Huge Scoop

  • Predatory Instincts (5.9) FA Bill Schneider, Kevin Mackenzie, Nolan Huther, 2016 June 4

  • Pride, The (5.9-) FA Bill Schneider, Adam Crofoot, Kevin MacKenzie, 2015 Aug 30 VIDEO

  • Rumours of War (5.9)(Marcy-first route in the Huge Scoop) FA Hunter Lombardi, Kevin MacKenzie, 2015 July 11 VIDEO

  • Scylla (WI4) & Charybdis (WI4) FA Brent Elliott, Kevin MacKenzie (Scylla) / Kevin MacKenzie, Laura Duncan, Brent Elliott, 2018 Feb 17


Mt. Marcy ~ Chimney Wall


Mt. Marcy ~ East Face & Overhang Slide

  • Anorthofright (5.9-) FA Steven St. Pierre, Kevin MacKenzie, 2017

  • Margin Slide (5.3) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Greg Kadlecik, 2012

  • Pi Day (NEI 3++) On FA Adam Crofoot, Kevin MacKenzie, Anthony Seidita, 2015 Mar 14 VIDEO

  • Ranger on the Rock (5.6) FA Anthony Seidita, Kevin MacKenzie, 2013 P1: Kevin MacKenzie, Scott van Laer, 2013 VIDEO

  • Revelations (5.8+ X) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Nolan Huther, Loren Swears 2016 Aug 27 VIDEO


Mt. Haystack (overview) ~ Pillars & Ramp Wall, No Man's Land, V Wall & South End

  • For Whom the Lichen Tolls Mt. Haystack's Pillar (5.9) (North End) FA Adam Crofoot, Kevin MacKenzie, 2014

  • All Things Holy (5.7) (V Wall) FA Adam Crofoot, Kevin MacKenzie, 2014 VIDEO

  • And Then the Judgment (5.9+) (North End) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Steven St. PIerre 2019 Sept 24

  • Haycrack (5.3) (South End) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Anthony Seidita, 2014 VIDEO

  • Haystack's Ramp Wall 3 Routes - [All Battered Boyfriends (5.7), Less Than Zero (5.5), Eye for an Eye (5.8)] FA Allison Rooney, Adam Crofoot, Kevin MacKenzie 2015 May 30 VIDEO

  • John 3:16 (WI4) & PG-13 (WI4) (V Wall) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Loren Swears 2018 March 24

  • Kitty Cake & By Tooth and Claw 2nd Ascent (North End) FA Doug Ferguson, Kevin MacKenzie, Walker Wolf Bockley 2017 Jan 14

  • Luceo Non Uro (North End) FA Kevin MacKenzie 2020 June 5 (alone/rope solo)

  • Orson's Tower (NEI3+) & Fly By (NEI3) (Haystack-North End) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Nolan Huther, 2016 Mar 5 VIDEO

  • Paws Off (5.8) (No Man's Land) FA Kevin MacKenzie, Steven St. Pierre 2018 June 9

  • Psalm 23 (5.7) & Windjammer (5.7) (V Wall) FA Kevin MacKenzie, John Pikus, Jaryn DesShane; John Pikus lead for Windjammer.

  • Ride the Lightning and Skip the Lightning (WI5- & WI3+) (Ramp Wall) FA Alan Wechsler, Kevin MacKenzie 2017 March 10

  • Slab the Impaler (5.9) (No Man's Land) FA Kevin Mudrat MacKenzie, Loren Swears, Katie Vannicola 2020 Aug 22

  • Tomcat (5.8+) (No Man's Land) FA Steven St. Pierre, Kevin MacKenzie 2020 June 4

  • Trigger Warning (5.10b) (No Man's Land) FA Adam Crofoot, Kevin MudRat MacKenzie, Katie Vannicola 2020 Sept 6

*Thanks to Jim Lawyer and Adirondack Rock for overlaying the route lines on the photos.



  • SLU'zers (5.3+)...a nice little warm up climb before the harder routes. ACB: Colin Loher, Kevin MacKenzie

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