Published Works



  • Panther Gorge. 228 pp., full color, area history & narratives with 170+ photographs. Foreword by Don Mellor, edited by Tony Goodwin.


Upcoming Articles​ & Photos

  • High-Altitude Picks: New ways to scale Panther Gorge. Adirondack Life (Jan/Feb 2020).

  • Avalanche Mountain Gully. Adirondack Explorer newsmagazine (winter 2019-2020) with photos by Kevin/written by Phil Brown.

  • Big Slide-Alpine Climbing. Adirondack Explorer newsmagazine (summer 2020) with photos by Kevin/written by Alan Wechsler.

  • Conjoined Slides: Remote Jewels of Mt. Haystack. ADK Explorer newsmagazine (2020).

Speaking Engagements

  • UPCOMING: Rocksport Climbing Gym (Queensbury), Keene Valley Library. Dates TBA.

  • St. Lawrence University First Year Program Class, 2019 Oct. 17.

  • ADK Rock Climbing Rendezvous @ High Peaks Guide House, 2019 Sept. 28.

  • ADK Rock Climbing Rendezvous @ Lake Placid Horse Show grounds, 2018 Sept. 29.

  • Adirondack Mountain Club Laurentian Chapter in Potsdam, 2015 April 26.

  • 46r Fall Meeting in Keene Valley, 2014 Oct 11.

  • St. Lawrence University Geology Class, 2014.

Articles with Photographs (links best viewed with Internet Explorer)​


** Presented with permission from Adirondac, the magazine of the Adirondack Mountain Club, Inc., copyright (2012-present).
~ Presented with permission from Adirondack Outdoors, copyright (2014-present).
^ Presented with permission from Peeks, copyright (2010-present).


Photographic Contributions:​

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